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Drones are the most expensive part of the bagpipe. This is to be a resource of what different makers’ drones sound like with whatever particular reed happens to be in the drones.

Overtone (Ackland) 466 drone reeds in old Sinclairs

I haven’t been playing my Sinclair pipes at all recently because for a time they were converted to C drones for my gaita chanter as the Sinclair chanter stock was a perfect fit for the cork on the gaita chanter’s tenon.

But, I’ve been curious what the Overtone (Ackland) drone reeds would sound like in them so I set them up as highland pipes again with the original chanter and put in the Overtone (Ackland) 466 reeds. I have just a few short recordings as the bag wasn’t very airtight, but I think what I did get is representative. Enjoy!

Lament for the Old Volunteers (74th’s Slow March) – I’ve listened to Gavin Stoddart play this tune hundreds of times on the Royal Highland Fusilier’s Proud Heritage album and I think Gavin plays Sinclair pipes, so it seemed like a great tune to play.

Fhuair Mi Pòg – just a nice tune

The Merry Blacksmith – April 2020 Tune of the Month!

Compositions by Gord(on) MacDonald of Island Bagpipe

Many of you will be familiar with Gord MacDonald of Island Bagpipe. Gord also runs a bagpipe identification website. Gord and I have gone back and forth about a few things piping over the years and I have used Island Bagpipe as a retail supplier many times (sometimes it’s cheaper shipping from Canada!). Many years ago, I’m thinking 2013, I asked around for tunes that people had composed that I could play on the blog and Gord took me up on it. He didn’t know it would take 6 years but I finally got around to recording the tunes he sent me; though I’m still sight reading them so bare with me a bit.

Pipes are Colin Kyo drones and chanter with Ackland 480 drone reeds and Husk chanter reed. Enjoy!

Kyle MacDonald

The Flatliners (Jim Medley’s Hornpipe)

The Crocodile Smile

Heather’s Jig

William G. Pritchard