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The Cedar Tree

The following tune was written by Dave Rowlands for the border pipe. I recorded the tune for him played on the great highland bagpipe in response to a general request he made on the forums. Below is the sheet music and two mp3 files. Peace, Patrick McLaurin

The Cedar Tree Sheet Music

The Cedar Tree mp3 ONE

The Cedar Tree mp3 TWO

The composer’s comments:

“The tune was written on pipes, but Border pipes in “D”. It is a march/polka, and should have an aggressive feel to it. To avoid any confusion, as there can be some with interpriting the music, the first part is played twice, the second, twice( once with ending 1 once with ending 2), and the third part twice( once with ending 1, once with ending 2)Haveing played it [the whole tune] a couple of times, the bar tagged last, should be used in place of the bar tagged 2 in part three, to end the tune. The music is ungraced, as written, i felt that players would put in simple gracings that fell naturally beneith the fingers.”

Bagpipe Setup = 1950’s Henderson – Selbie Drone Reeds – African Blackwood Gibson Chanter