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New Formula for Season Points in Sanctioned Competitions

The current system of awarding points by the WUSPBA (and seemingly EUSPBA is similar) is:

(Points per competition) = (Number of Competitors) – (Placing – 1)

I say a better formula is:

(Points per competition) = (Number of Competitors)*(1/Placing)

Note, only the top 6 places are awarded points. Everybody else gets zero points. Also, piobaireachd is worth double points.

Anyways, as an example, this is how the top 40 in Grade III in the EUSPBA would be reorganized based on my new formula.

Old Rank – Name and Branch – Old Points – # Comps – New Points – Old Pts/# Comps – New Pts/# Comps


low E and low F# instead of low G

A couple of clips of the scale played on the highland bagpipes with the low G substituted for another note. Low A is tuned to 480 Hz + ~10 cents.

Low F# – obtained by taping over one tone hole entirely and taping over the other a little bit for tuning. Grace notes to and from low F# sound and act fairly normal.

Low E – obtained by taping over both tone holes entirely and extending the length of the chanter just a little bit with a ring of tape on the very bottom, less than a centimeter in length. All the grace notes on the bottom hand work well enough, though throws and such don’t work very well. All the top hand grace notes produce a squeal.

Chris Apps poly chanter with a ridge cut reed. 1950’s Henderson pipes, Selbie drone reeds.