Monthly Archives: October 2010

Recording from inside the bag

So, there’s a debate going on whether sympathetic beating of the drone reeds leads to more stability in tuning. I say it practically doesn’t happen, but I won’t go there. Instead, here is a recording from inside the bag, just for giggles. Cool uh? or I guess for you Canadians, cool eh? :o) I don’t think the recording means a whole lot in the context of the debate, ah but whatever, you may draw your own conclusions.

A Father of Piping, Brian Barrow (from inside the bag)

My list of excuses:

This is about 8 minutes into a 9 minute practice session because it’s late and I actually wanted to go to bed instead, but I figured this would be interesting enough to warrant the loss of sleep. So, the drones aren’t in perfect tune, and they go out towards the end. Sorry about the high A crow at the end. My bad. Gannaway bag, Crozier Cane tenors, Kinnaird bass (the cane wasn’t stabilizing fast enough), in Gellaitry pipes with a carved up Naill chanter and a crowy reed.