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New Hornpipe and thoughts on drone reeds

I’m not happy with how Ina MacKenzie is resting in my brain, so I might just play this new hornpipe I picked up the other day, Newmarket House. Very fun and fairly easy. Gellaitry pipes, Crozier Carbon tenors, Kinnaird bass, Husk chanter reed, and a SOS chanter that is out of tune because I didn’t bother to move any tape.

Newmarket House and Alan MacPherson of Mosspark

I’ve never thought plastic tongued tenor reeds did very well in reproducing the sound of cane. They sound nasal to me and don’t have the ‘sparkle’ of more exotic tongued tenor reeds in matching the sound of cane. Case in point:

Soren Larsen’s set of Henderson’s with cane bass, Ezee tenors first then cane tenors

Soren noted that the cane reeds were manufactured by Ronan Latry. Not that the overall sound with the Ezee’s is bad, just noticeably lacking in my opinion.

In that, I’ve had indications from many people that the Gellaitry’s are a bit bass dominant, so in thinking the Crozier Carbon had rather loud tenors, I switched them out for my Kinnaird tenors, leaving the Kinnaird bass. Oh well, I’m sticking with the Kinnaird tenors for now. I love it!

Gellaitry’s with Kinnaird bass and Crozier Carbon tenors first then Kinnaird tenors