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Hende Rockets in Dunbar and Glencoe (aka Lawrie)

I figured I’d have a go with the Hende Rockets in a set of Dunbar pipes to get a good feel for them in surely Henderson bores. As I mentioned previously, my 1950’s Hendersons resemble a 1987 set of Naill’s pretty close, it would seem to me anyway. A while back a spreadsheet of bagpipe measurements was going around. I grabbed it, saved it, and added some of my own to it. You can see the comparison of my Henderson’s to a set of late 80’s Naill’s here. Anywho…recordings!

These are a friend’s Dunbars. Whatcha think, they made of blackwood or delrin?

Fair Maid, Unst Bridal March, and The Quaker – sorry about high G!

Then I swapped the Hende-spec Rocket bass out for my Naill-spec Rocket bass, at least, I think I did, I don’t really remember, this was recorded a couple days ago and I’m just a few months shy of 30 so my memory is fading faster everyday.

74th’s Slow March, Gravel Walk, Hen Wife’s Daughter, and Lady Doll Sinclair – high G again, time to pull that reed out or move somewhere humid (haha, yeah right)

A couple days later I plugged the Hende-spec Rockets into my Glencoe (supposedly Lawrie-spec) bagpipes. Different chanter and reed than above which was the band chanter. The Glencoe has the same chanter stock bore as my solo Gellaitry pipes so this is my solo chanter. Both are out of tune, doh.

Hector the Hero, the Swallow’s Tail, and Rakish Paddy – I promise I’m not showing off with the speed, I just didn’t want to burn the pizza!

Sleep Dearie Sleep, Old Chanter, and Leisa McCord – I actually hit quite a few of these birls. Can you hear the unfortunately consistent crossing noise? I’ll give you a hint, it’s to C.

Angus MacKinnon and Ellenor – I actually recorded these first as I was warming up. I still need to work on the dot/cut of Angus, it’s a bit round. And as always, my C taorluaths suck just a bit more than my B ones do. :o)

Rocket or Rocket drone reeds? Vote now!

I ran across the chance to purchase a used set of Henderson-spec Rocket reeds and was given a trial of them first. I have been playing Naill-spec Rockets in my 1950’s Hendersons. So here’s your chance to tell me what you think about each as I’m trying to figure out which I like better, but I’d like your input too. The seller already told me he was planning on having a biased opinion (wink) so I’m not going to tell you which is which, muahahaha, until later, anyway. I haven’t had much practice time as of late so I suck more than usual (fingers are still tired a day later), yada yada yada…

Rocket numero uno:

King of Laois, Kitty Lie Over, and Drops of Brandy

74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh, Inverary Castle, and Miss Proud

PM Calum Campbell’s Caprice and The Big Yin

Rocket numero dos:

Fair Maid, PM George Allan, and Glasgow City Police Pipers

Rossshire Volunteers, Ewe with the Crooked Horn, and Rejected Suitor

These Henderson Rockets will be for sale should I decide not to keep them so keep them on your radar if you’re interested. Chanter was the same Colin Kyo with Husk reed. The vibrato you hear on the high A in the second set of recordings is due to a ever so slightly flat high A. Just add a little tape and viola! Cheerios!