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New chanter & reed on Memorial Day

Some time ago I traded David M. a Naill chanter for a Kron Medalist; well more like I wasn’t playing the Naill and he felt me just sending it to him was not right so he sent a Medalist back to me. ;o) It reeds differently than my standard Colin Kyo’s so I wasn’t having much luck with my usual stash of reeds. However, I just remembered I bought a stash of Melvin reeds but never got them to work in the Colin Kyo (the low A being too sharp if I recall correctly which is unlikely) and figured they might work in the Medalist. So, I dug out the box of Melvin reeds and popped when in this Kron Medalist and away we went. There’s tape on high G, that’s it.

It is Memorial Day today and with the recent suggestions that this is the worse day to thank a veteran as they have their own day (Veteran’s Day), I was having a bit of trouble coming up with what I should do instead of BBQ since a ubiquitous number of “it isn’t national BBQ day” Facebook posts also reminded me to not treat it as a vacation. Being stuck between a rock and a vacation, I decided to play the bagpipes. Below is what I came up with; my band’s new 3/4 march set Lochanside and Kilworth Hills followed by my own composition named after my late grandfather Marcus McLaurin, a man I never met though he did survive WWII.

I haven’t practiced more than once a week (at band practice) for the last couple months (you might notice this is my first post in 4 months) so I’m a bit rusty. Went bowling this morning (rare event) so the right hand is a bit tired. Kron Medalist chanter, Melvin chanter reed, Chris Terry pipes with Rocket drone reeds. Happy Memorial Day!

Lochanside, Kilworth Hills, Marcus McLaurin of the 772nd Tank Battalion, WWII