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Tunes of the Month – February 2017

Novice Level: Tom Billy’s Polka, a follow up polka to January’s novice Tune of the Month. This tune is fun, no doubt, with a great melody.

Tom Billy’s – keep your arrangement simple so you don’t get tied up in technique, polkas are meant to be played quickly!

Patrick O’Connor’s & Tom Billy’s Polkas – coupled with January’s novice tune, Patrick O’Connor’s Polka.


Intermediate Level: The Uist Reel, which packs a punch for being only 2 parts! The tricky thing about this tune is the back and forth between birls and C# which really gives your pinkie a work out. One source of the tune is Elizabeth Ross’ Manuscript on page 180, tune number 146.

Uist Reel – simple and embellished arrangements inspired by Iain MacInnes from his album Tryst.