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Tune of the Month – September 2017

The epitome of pipe band life that was August always leaves me a bit reinvigorated for piping. There’s not much around Lubbock, TX to really keep the motivation up but being able to tune into the live streams of Piping Live! events (through the Inner Ear channel on and the World Pipe Band Championships (BBC) really motivates me to get the pipes out and play.

September’s Tune of the Month is a tune I heard several times during August, and while it’s new to me it’s not a new tune. The 4 part reel by Peter R. MacLeod Jr.: Arnish Light, was played by (at least) 3 different bands.

  1. Most will recognize a rounded version played at the end of St Laurence O’Toole’s medley during the grade 1 finals; they won 2nd in the event and 3rd overall. View the performance here.
  2. The original version was played by Lomond & Clyde in their MSR during the grade 2 finals; they went on to place 2nd. View the performance here.
  3. Shotts & Dykehead played their own rounded version during the pre-Worlds concert “Rise” at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall the Wednesday before the Worlds. View the performance here.

This is quite the cracking tune, especially arranged as a round ‘hornreel’. SLOT and Shott’s arrangements stay fairly faithful to the original in their hornpipe arrangements, however I have gone and done taken it a bit further with my own arrangement. The tune is modern enough that it is still under copyright so I cannot share the music with you, however there are several sources for the tune, including Jim McGillivray’s site where it can be picked up for a few hundred pennies. Additionally, this tune is so adaptable, providing just one set of dots for the tune doesn’t do it, or you, justice. You may want to incorporate it into your competition reel repertoire (get it from Jim) or play it for fun as a hornpipey reel (it’s in Ryan Canning’s second book) with your own arrangement like I did (I borrowed a bit of nuance from the first 2 parts of SLOT’s arrangement, not gonna lie). If you do arrange your own, I would start with the original dot/cut reel and go from there.

Arnish Light – Chris Terry pipes with Rocket drone reeds, Colin Kyo chanter and John Elliott (Canada) chanter reed