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August 2018 Tune of the Month: Fhuair Mi Pòg

Allan MacDonald and Margaret Stewart’s album opens with this tune, a lovely rendition of I Got A Kiss Of The King’s Hand. It is also heard many times as a warm up tune in all the live-streamed piping contests. More recently, it was employed as the air in the St. Thomas Alumni’s medley in the grade 2 final at the 2018 World Pipe Band Championships. So, I wrote it down and now I’m sharing it with you. It doesn’t really follow the score you’d find in the Kilberry book, for instance, but a resemblance to the ground can’t really be denied. I have truncated them name to just the first part of the Gaelic name, so I think we’ve just got the “I got a kiss” part.

Fhuair Mi Pòg < ze sheet music (This has been updated [8-22-2018] because I originally wrote it in 6/8 and it’s much easier to understand in 3/4 time. My bad.)

Fhuair Mi Pòg < a quick run through on the pipes