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January 2020 Tune of the Month: The Big Rab Show + Overtone (Ackland) 466 Hz, Bb drone reeds

Eric E. Evenhuis wrote a tune for The Big Rab Show. They put out a call on Facebook for someone to record the tune. So I “took up the challenge” with my Hendersons featuring Overtone (Ackland) Bb drone reeds. My chanter isn’t quite Bb / 466 Hz, more around the low 470s, but my Bb chanter is out on loan right now. I think the drones sound quite nice. Also very stable.

The Big Rab Show by Eric E. Evenhuis – pdf of sheet music

The Big Rab Show

Edit (2020-01-29): Someone asked me how these reeds work in David Glen bagpipes, both of us having noted in the past that D. Glen drones can be a little reed picky. Conclusion: Overtone (Ackland) 466 reeds, and therefore Overtone (Ackland) 440 and 480 reeds also because reed length is the only difference, work great in D. Glen drones. Here’s a 30 minute practice session. I think I’ll leave them in. I’ve left the entire practice session intact for transparency; I think I made a goof in every selection anyway. You get to hear me tune too, muahahahahahahahahhaha.

Whole Session