Scots Wha Hae like you’ve never heard it before!

Despite the recordings of the Jeffers pipe in the previous post, I felt I slighted them a bit with the rather quiet recordings so here’s my attempt to rectify that. Additionally, Scot What Hae is the most boring tune on earth. After that come Scotland Wedding and Highland the Brave (or is it the other way around? Thanks to parades and Grade 1 pipe bands). Ed Miller sings Scots Wha Hae and it is one of his best tunes, so here’s the vocal rhythm instead of what you’ll find the the COP tutor. It is played 3 times through to hit all the different variations in the way the different verses are sung. Combine your favorite for your pipe version!

Scots Wha Hae – Scots Wha Hae Sheet Music

Then I figured I’d try out sight reading another piobaireachd. Sorry about my slow (e)dre. The whole focal dystonia-ish thing requires me to think of the initial E grace note as a full on E to make it even happen so it’s a little slow. All that’s left is to add this (e)dre on the back of a grip to achieve a crunluath with audible E and F grace notes, unlike the recording below where the un-relearned crunluath makes it quite obvious how little my E finger likes to make grace notes anymore.

The Little Spree

Then we’ve got a couple Irish tunes.

King of Laois and Ger the Rigger

Then some sight read tunes that I’ve been meaning to learn (cause they’re awesome!)

Angus MacKenzie of Dumbarton and Snuff Wife

And lastly a hornpipe I memorized and then promptly forgot followed by a couple taorluath rich jigs. Unlike the crunluath, I’ve played enough taorluaths that I’ve relearned it separate from the E grace note so I can usually rip them off okay nowadays. Just have to work on the grip+edre to eek out a decent crunluath.

PM Calum Campbell’s Caprice, Rakes of Kildare, and Braes of Melinish

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  1. Hi,- I am not so happy for your Scots Wha Hae,- but a new way of thinking,- and that’s the only way to progress. I have put it in my collection though.

    Your Little Spree is great,- I love that.

    Thanks for you great page. Keep up the good work. Happy piping.

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