Jeffers pipes + Atherton chanter + new 6/8 March!

This is just a quickie since it’s been so long. A quick tune up of the Atherton chanter (Husk reed) in a new set of Keith Jeffers’ pipes in cocobolo (Selbie reeds) to introduce a new tune (sorry the E is a little off). I’m a big fan of Battlefield Band. The pairing of non-bagpipe instruments with pipes really brings the pipe tunes to life and they always have great musicians that make it just sound great. An older album of theirs, “There’s a buzz” has quite a few traditional pipe tunes that can be found in the old collections, most available via One of my favorite tunes on the album is a 6/8 called the Quaker. So, I made my own arrangement from the ceolsean versions paired with what’s on the album. Below it is played with Mrs. Lily Christie to start. Also linked is the YouTube video to stress how important having decent audio equipment is. It is the exact same recording. The MP3 was done with a Zoom H2, the YouTube video with my iPhone. No, YouTube isn’t that bad, it’s the iPhone.

Mrs. Lily Christie and The Quaker

Mrs. Lily Christie and The Quaker

2 thoughts on “Jeffers pipes + Atherton chanter + new 6/8 March!

  1. Very nice and the sound between both recoordings made the youtube clip the easiest to listen to . So much for recorded sounds.
    The E was off a tad but not anythin I’d jawbone about. Heck , we all have listened to worse and we have all at one time or another sounded worse.
    Thanks for posting it Patrick it was nice to listen to. Good note with the pipes!

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