Colin Kyo bass drone reed orgy

This post is all about finding a good match for the Canning tenors I have in this set of Colin Kyo bagpipes. Here is a little snippet of the low A’s from each recording in sequence. So, in order, we have 1. Canning carbon fiber 2. Crozier glass 3. Kinnaird Evolution 4. Ezeedrone (regular) 5. Henderson Harmonic Deluxe 6. old Kinnaird. Unfortunately the old Kinniard, last one, is a wee bit (more) out of tune than the rest and I actually rerecorded it but I think I was in a slightly different spot so the harmonics didn’t so the same so I used the slightly out of tune one.


That sound file above is composed of little snippets of each of the files below, which comprise the same slow air played each time (Fair Maid) followed by some reel, or maybe a jig. I include the old Kinnaird twice, the slightly out of tune one (with fairly decent birls) and then another one where I goof up the repeats on a jig (and every single birl) although it’s supposed to be slightly more in tune.







oldkinnairdlong (more in tune?)

I liked the old Kinnaird so much I played our band’s medley.


In the end, bass drones will be bass drones! But man, listen to those tenors! Chanter is also Colin Kyo with a Husk chanter reed.

Lastly, here’s an older video on YouTube of me playing some of the same tunes on the same pipe, different Colin Kyo chanter though, but still Canning drone reeds.


11 thoughts on “Colin Kyo bass drone reed orgy

  1. I found the sound clips interesting and enjoyable. The drones sounded nice but I found the Crosiers a bit low of soft. I did like the “old (“more in tune ) Kinnairds but I still like the HHD’s the best. Likely due to what I play in my Kron’s right now with the Husk Reed.
    Ah what the hell am I saying I’m tone deaf at best!
    Good report Sir!
    Fish ( NY)

  2. Well Mike,
    Guess what, I played the CK’s again today and you know what bass drone reed ended up in there? The HHD. Without a doubt the best bass for this CK pipe. Very smooth and easy to tune with no buzzing you might hear, even a little, from Canning or Kinnaird carbon fiber reeds. The HHD tenors are really great reeds too, just a great set of reeds all around!

  3. Hi Patrick,

    I came to like the Kinnaird Evolution bass the best. It just sounded mor vibrant, and room filling to me. Tennors sound okay, but there are some overtones in them that I’ve never really cared for. However, still a nice sound. I’m due to purchase a set of Kyo’s some time in the near future, but I’m still debating on my next solo instrument.



  4. That was a quick change of heart Austin! This is the smoothest sounding set of pipes I’ve ever played. Not quiet, or necessarily mellow, but very smooth. That HHD bass really is best. The Kinnairds have just a bit too much rattle to them.

  5. Wait… I think I really like that Crozier Glass. Just blends better, and brings out more resonance. Ezeedrone bass was too strong, as they all seem to be in most modern pipes. Canning good, just a little nasally. Henderson harmonic was good, very smooth. I donno, CK pipes make almost any bass sound good, haha.

  6. In reply to your comment patrick, I guess they sound slightly different now. Who knows, maybe it is just a different position in the room, or maybe you have the drones fasing the recorder.

  7. I’ve got to say the pipes have a great classic sound with all of the reeds! It’s hard to tell exactly which ones I would choose because it is so much better to hear it in person so you can hear all of the overtones and harmonics, but from the recordings I would have to go with the brighter sounding reeds with the most Harmonics. So, in order……. the Crozier, Evolution, and old Kinnairds. I thought the Cannings sounded nice as well!

  8. Ultimately I decided on the HHD because it is similarly smooth like the Canning tenors. Everything else has a buzz or in the case of Ezee just too dark, so HHD it is. Problem is, and why I haven’t used HHD all that much is that the bass will cut out a time or two at the beginning of each session until it gets warmed up, which is irritating.

  9. I have this experience with Henderson reeds, particularly if I haven’t played them in a while. Interesting. I’m due to receive a set of Kyo’s for testing, and to see how much I like them, along with a set of Jeffers drones, so there will definitely be a few recordings coming your way.

  10. I’ve just noticed, and this could be why I’m not a giant fan of them, that the Cannings seem to have a kind of brassy sound to them. If you listen for it, it’s quite prominent. It is smooth, but at the same time, not so smooth. It’s more in the stocks than in the drones that this brashness is detectable, and it just may be the higher harmonics of the reeds that are producing this sound, but if this particular sound was eliminated, these pipes would sound absolutely stunning with most of these bass reeds.


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