Colin Kyo Bagpipes with Canning tenors and a old style Kinnaird Bass

I really like the Canning tenors, Austin really wants to hear the old style Kinnaird bass, so here’s a post with both! I’ve also changed the mic location from shoulder height (in previous recent posts) back to above head height (this post) to give a different perspective on the drones.

Toots and Hickory (Danny Edwards) and 1st Hype Cowboy Division (Murray Blair)

Susan MacLeod (Donald MacLeod) and Bessie McIntyre (William MacLean)

Spanner in the Works (Hamish Moore?), Scotsaire Hornpipe (W. Baird), and Johnny and Ali’s March (Brian McAlpine)

The very last tune by Brian McAlpine has a story behind it. Using that link, you’ll hear the same tune played and mixed by Brian. Brian asked for others to record the tune and send it in and so I did (using smallpipes) which gives the final version here.

2 thoughts on “Colin Kyo Bagpipes with Canning tenors and a old style Kinnaird Bass

  1. Patrick,
    I appreciate you having worked up Bill Baird’s tune Scotsaire Hornpipe. Scotsaire was a grade 1 band on the Ontario circuit back in 80’s-90’s. I think the PM was Colin Hill, then John Cairns took it over. Bill Baird was a member. I was at a professional medley contest at the Windsor-Detroit Pipers Society in the early 90’s when Bill premiered this tune as the finalĂ© of his performance. The crowd went nuts. Thanks for playing it.

  2. Hey Keir,
    Thanks for the info. I keep debating whether it’s Scotsaire or Scots Air, as in like an airline, so good to know the origin of the tune! It’s a great tune.

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