Henderson’s with Atherton MacDougall spec Rocket drone reeds

Here’s my 1950’s Hendersons with the Atherton MacDougall spec Rocket drone reeds. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy playing them, way better than with what I’ve been calling Naill spec Rocket drone reeds that look eerily similar to what someone else claimed to have D. MacPherson spec….maybe they’re the same/similar? Anyone else out there have Rockets with an 8 written on the fiber glass bass and little dots on the tenors, and that’s it?

Patrick McLaurin (by Jack Williamson) – Jack named this nice 4 part 9/8 march after me, thanks Jack!

Mrs. Duncan MacFadyen (by Donald MacLeod) – played it kinda slow, but it’s a nice tune

John MacMillan of Barra (with roll off count) – this belongs in the previous post by I slowed waaaayyyyy down so, ya know, not very useful for drummers

Calista Anne McLaurin, Kitty O’Shea’s, and Mason’s Apron – all these recordings were with the Adrian Melvin reed that I’ve boogered up just a little as the blades are now a little off center after all my wetting and squeezing, but it being a ridge cut reed I figured I’d show you, considering that the post 2 down from this one deals with accidentals in pipe music, this recording is an excellent example of how ridge cut reeds don’t play accidentals that well. Can you tell I’m trying the 2nd time through Kitty O’Shea’s? Also shows the reed is a little unstable due to the offset blades as at the end the drones are more out of tune as the low A isn’t being blown out (blown in tune).

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