Robertsons with Canning and other Rocket reeds

This post is the 2nd in a series about a set of Robertsons on loan to me that are for sale. The previous post featured several recordings with Robertson spec Rocket drone reeds with carbon fiber tongues. The general impression was that the tenors were too quiet and the bass too loud, relatively speaking, and the overall blend was lacking. We rectify that today with two sets of different drone reeds: Canning and the Naill spec (I think) Rockets that up until a few weeks ago were the reeds dedicated to my Hendersons until they were supplanted by Atherton MacDougall spec Rockets. You can tell, I love getting my hands on Rocket reeds (they all come second hand to me).

In both cases, you’ll hear a marked improvement in tenor volume and overall blend. First the Cannings. For each recording in this post I start with a slow tune and face the mic with 4 different orientations that roughly change with the change in parts, taken in the following order: mic behind the drones, mic on my left (tenor side), mic chanter side, mic on my right (bass side); then I take a generic stance with the mic off to my left side (half way between mic chanter side and tenor side) for the faster tunes.

Fair Maid, Iron Man, Balmoral Castle, and Orange and Blue – I don’t play strathspeys often enough.

Wth my Naill spec Rockets:

Gallawa’ Hills, The Curlew, and Alan MacPherson of Mosspark – I was trying to start into Kalabakan (see next set) but I played the Curlew instead, then my brain farted again and I played Alan, whatcha going to do (when they come for you).

The Mermaid, Kalabakan, and Broken/Crooked/Old/Boogery/Slimy Bridge – I can’t ever remember what the name of the last tune is.

David Murry is the owner of the pipes and he’s selling them. You can contact him for more info and price at: (contact info deleted after sale). I’ll note if you need a bag I have a lead on small and large sized Gannaways that I think both have grommets and zipper. There is no blowpipe or chanter but the set of drones and stocks are both complete.

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  1. Much much better blend Patrick. Nice setup. Too bad you don’t “cotton” to airs.. You play them well.

    Blend much nicer…

    David NY

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