4 thoughts on “I don’t play enough Piobaireachd

  1. Your movements are pretty darn clean there Patrick. Guys with our fingers (see how I include myself in there- ok just kidding..but seriously) need to focus on the shades in the phrasing.

    Mary Macleod is perfect for this. Timing of phrases and bridging the phrases properly is key. Just keep listening to Jack Lee in the DRM 2001 One of the best renderings and has helped my playing that chune a looooot.

    The pipes sound reaaalllll nice too :)

    David NY

  2. Hey phrasing and timing is what I need help with. I’ve had some piobaireachd in the past but only enough to get me past the basics. I’ve always listened to Hugh McCallum’s recording, but listening to Jack’s now. It’ll mean more when I’ve got them memorized instead of sight reading, lol.

  3. Oh and Austin,
    I was totally surprised about the tone! Just fantastic! I’d always played Selbies in these but the spare set I have are old and the bridles super loose (move every time I take the drones out of the stock, just the slightest touch moves them) so I figured I’d try something else. Neither Rockets worked so I grabbed the Cannings and viola!

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