Brighter tenors in the casein Robertsons!

The previous post on these pipes had me running Cannings in them but I felt the tenor need a boost so I’ve recorded them with a Selbie bass and either the Selbie or Wygent Duatone tenors. I likey like!

Selbie tenors

Leaving Port Askaig, The Quaker, Angus McKinnon, and Ellenor – mic off my left shoulder

Rossshire Volunteers, Susan MacLeod, Miss Proud – mic behind me

Fairie’s hornpipe, Jolly Beggarman, Pigeon on the Gate, Rocking the Baby, the Panda, Rob’s Shower Shabang, Kesh Jig – mic in front of me, tunes I haven’t played in a long time; trying to mix it up

Wygent Duatone tenors – fingering sucks, beware!

Mist Covered Mountains, Calum Campbell’s Caprice, Big Yin, Rory Gallagher – mic behind me

Inspector Donald Campbell (Ness) and I Laid a Herring in Saut – mic in front of me

2 thoughts on “Brighter tenors in the casein Robertsons!

  1. Hey Patrick, you aught to invert those Wygents. You’ll be amazed at the difference you hear. Pipes sound good!



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