1950’s Robertsons with Rocket, Overtone (Ackland), and Kinnaird (and Ezee, Crozier, and Canning)

Instead of tacking onto the end of the Big Overtone (Ackland) Drone Reed post I figured I’d post a new, well…post. The Big Overtone (Ackland) Drone Reed post (the one chronologically before this one so scroll down and maybe click the link to older posts) was mainly just drones with Overtone (Ackland) reeds in them. Except that I did play my Colin Kyo pipes with Ezee tenors and Kinnaird bass for comparison purposes toward the beginning of that post to give people an idea of the contrast. However, as time goes on and I continue to exclusively play Overtone (Ackland) reeds in all my pipes, the differences from what I was playing to what I’m playing now are fading into memory. So today’s play test was a good reminder of what I had before switching to Overtone (Ackland) reeds. Except these aren’t my pipes, haha.

I play the Fair Maid of Barra in each, and since I played the reel (I forget the name Swallow’s Tail) way too fast for the first set of drone reeds, for giggles I played it way too fast for the other two three six sets as well. I start with my back to the mic for the first time through, then spend the second time through rotating 360 degrees around. During the reel, I then rotate the other way so that the mic ends up in the “corner” (pretending my body is rectangular prism) between my chanter and drones off on the left side. I’ll let you guess at which reeds are which for a couple days.


Overtone (Ackland)

Some other tunes on my favorite set of reeds, the Overtones (Acklands)! I forgot to play the 4th part of Lark of the Morning the first go around so I played the two jigs all over again to get the 4th part back in there…that I then had a wrong note in. Doh!

March of the King of Laois, (Lark in the Morning & King of the Pipers) x 2

Here’s what the Overtones (Acklands) look like as used in this setup.

Kinnaird – original Kinnaird, set a little too strong for this reed but I’ve got the o-ring bridle just past the window marked on the reeds to try and ease them as much as possible without being outside spec.

Added 3 days later by request

Ezee tenors + Kinnaird Bass

Added 4 days later out of curiousity

Ezee – all 3 are Ezee this time

Crozier carbon v1