Gellaitry Bagpipes are in! – Bedroom

So, I just got myself a set of Gellaitry bagpipes fully mounted in boxwood. They came from Gene Mitchell coupled with a Gannaway zip bag, Ezee drone reeds, green cords, and a abw Gibson Chanter. I threw a MacLellan reed I had laying around in there and did some recording. Tuning, or the playing, isn’t great or perfect, but good enough for 20 minutes out of the shipping box! MP3’s are in chronological order going down.

Pipes with Ezee drone reeds:

Calista Anne McLaurin

David Crosbie Miller, The Battle of Waterloo, 51st Highland Division

Major Manson of Clachantrushal, Dora MacLeod, Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree

Pipes with Kinnaird drone reeds:

Rossshire Volunteers, Inverary Castle, Rejected Suitor

Mermaid and Swallow’s Tail

For comparison, you can hear a set of 1980’s Naill pipes in the exact same recording conditions with Ezee drone reeds and the same MacLellan chanter reed, though with a Colin Kyo chanter instead.

Pictures (ripped off tinypic from Gene):

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