Dunbar vs. Middle East

Thanks to Austin for these drone sound files!

Dunbar Blackwood – Ezee drone reeds

Middle East – SM90 drone reeds

Whew, that was a close one!

Update: while Austin is no longer in possession of the MIME pipes, he did put the SM-90’s in the Dunbars for a better comparison between pipes based on a suggestion made here on the blog. Without further ado:

Dunbar Drones – Shepherd SM-90 drone reeds

Update 4-17-2011:

Austin has provided me with sound files of his Dunbars with Canning drone reeds with the Canning bass and also with a cane bass drone reed. Austin would like to say that he very much likes the Canning reeds!

Canning bass and Canning tenors

Cane bass and Canning tenors

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