Poly McC2 with a Poly Kron Band (older model)

So, I traded Tripp up in CO a Colin Kyo for his McC2. The first thing I noticed is that the McC2 is pretty loud, but that was with a new unbroken in reed as I ‘ve got chanters laying all over the place using my broken in reeds. So, I figured, let’s use the reed in my poly Kron chanter, but for comparison I played it first here:

Kron not normalized

Then I switched the chanter to the McC2 keeping everything the same and got this recording here:

McC2 not normalized

The D is a bit flat, but most of the scale was not too far out as this was recorded in a rather truncated session.

Pipes are Gellaitry on a Gannaway zipper bag, Gilmour reed, and Henderson Harmonic Deluxe drone reeds that need to be eased up just a bit, :o) The recordings above are un-normalized so a relative sense of the volume can be achieved. Their normalized versions are below. Tunes are Calista Anne McLaurin and a hornpipe I got off Colin MacLellan’s album that I don’t know the name of, or play very well.

Kron normalized

McC2 normalized