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May 2021 TuneS of the Month!

May’s tuneS of the month are compositions by a piper who visited me at my home during a tasting tour of Texas a month or so ago. We played some tunes together and he played some of his compositions (2/4 marches) for me and I figured you might like them as much as I did so he gave permission to share them here. I don’t have recordings, yet, as I have been getting over a cold. It seems a year in isolation has resulted in my body having no idea what a cold is and struggling to fight it off.

The compositions of Luis Jorge Vázquez Estrada < pdf

February 2021 Tune of the Month: The Girl of the House

I have stumbled upon yet another Irish jig that transposes quite well to the highland pipes with just a few slight modifications. This fact means you could play it along with an Irish session group if you were playing smallpipes in D (mixolydian), the little tiny chanter. It’s a fun little two parted jig!

The Girl of the House – sheet music

The Girl of the House – audio