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People playing ‘other’ pipes.

Tune of the Month – August 2017

I have been listening to Ed Miller sing Scottish folk songs all my life. Pipers will recognize the playing of EJ Jones on many of Ed’s more recent albums. Ed collaborates regularly with Brian McNeill, one of the founding members of Battlefield Band, awesome fiddler, and songwriter as well. Despite the many pipe tunes EJ contributes on pipes, the Tune of the Month for August is actually a song, Wark o’ the Weavers. It is a song about how many trades serve a limited segment of the population, but everyone needs the work of the weavers. Unless you’re a nudist I guess, not something covered in the song, haha. It’s arranged here as a 2 part 2/4 march.

Wark o’ the Weavers – pdf file

A video of me playing the tune on my Ray Hughes smallpipes can be found on YouTube:

A chanter with G drones sounds better with D baritones/altos

My last post featured my A smallpipe chanter specially made to tune against G drones. I was using my C smallpipe drones which naturally tune to C on the tenor and bass and G on the baritone. Up until this point, as in the last post, I’ve plugged the tenor C and just played the G baritone and C bass. But, based on a comment from Jean in my last post, someone finally made me think it was, in fact, too dark sounding. So, remembering the pins were pretty far out on the tenor and bass I pulled them up to D and now the As on the chanter sound so much better and it is much happier sounding!

So, an A chanter with what amounts to, relative to an A chanter, a D alto, G tenor, and D baritone (no G bass drone, yet).

Keelman Ower The Land

Ulverston Volunteers