Monthly Archives: July 2010

New pipes (sort of) – Bedroom

Here’s my 3/4 Center drones playing Wygent A440 drone reeds coupled with an EJ Jones border/highland chanter: Alan MacPherson of Mosspark

Since my pipes are out of commission for a little bit, Bryan/Brain/Brian (however you spell it) lent me his 1980’s Naills with Ezee drone reeds. Here matched with my Colin Kyo chanter and MacLellan reed, the F# was a teeny bit flat, the bag a little big, but I managed to get a few tunes out of it:

Queen of the Rushes, Hag at the Churn, and Fraher’s Jig – irish jigs

Calista Anne McLaurin, Calista and Clark’s Playtime, Latisha McLaurin – my compositions being a waltz, hornpipe, and jig