Small Reels and SSRR on Naill ABW + Husk chanter reed

Not much to say here except I underestimated by blowing strength. I asked Shawn Husk to send me some reeds in the low 30’s of inches of water and it turns out I need some about mid 30’s, so the reed is a little light, but I enjoyed playing the tunes on it regardless. The chanter is a new (to me) african blackwood Naill that I’ve undercut B, C, D (but taped), and F (but taped). The drones are my 1950’s Henderson’s with Canning bass and (Naill) Rocket tenors (their respective counterparts are in my friend’s 1950’s Robertson’s). Recording is in a walk-in closet with a Zoom H2 so it’s a little chanter heavy, but hopefully not too much. Below are the raw recordings, un-normalized nor trimmed for length. First a selection of 2 parted reels played twice through (often they are too short but with such great melodies they should be played twice!) and then a competition SSRR. Enjoy!

Swallow’s Tail, Rakish Paddy, Gravel Walk, Sleepy Maggie x 2, Dancing Feet

I’ll note that I might have trimmed the high A in the first part of Dancing Feet a wee bit having just now looked at the sheet music and also, according to Scots Guards, I played Sleepy Maggie backwards (sort of), but I learned the two different key versions separately. ???

Susan MacLeod, Shepherd’s Crook, Bessie McIntyre, Miss Proud

Well, it wasn’t perfect, but it never is. Oh well…