Spirit of Scotland chanter, Husk reed, Crozier Glass, and Competition Tunes

I acquired a Spirit of Scotland style blackwood McCallum chanter from a donation to the “On the Day” box set fundraising campaign. It is a very nice chanter. I wonder what model it is? I’m inclined to think it is, or very similar to, the regular McCallum chanter, MK2 with slightly oval holes (what is apparently shipped with most of their pipes, only in delrin). I’ve got high G down to D taped, and C could have used just a teeny bit too, so it’s certainly amenable to taping in a band situation. It has a Husk reed in it and I’ve got the Crozier glass tongued reeds in my Gellaitry’s. I’ve got the only competition I go to coming up in mid-November so I’m practicing for that. Instead of ‘mastering’ in Audacity (which as of late has me wondering if it’s exporting at the same quality that was recorded), this post I’m trying AudioSlicer which just cuts your mp3 into pieces based on silence and hopefully preserves the original quality). Peace!

HJ: Ina MacKenzie and Herring Wife

6/8’s: Farewell to the Creeks and Sweet Maid of Mull

MSR: Cowal Gathering, Susan MacLeod, and Miss Proud

Pipe Dream Medley: Mason’s Apron, Inspector Donald Campbell (Ness), Unst Bridal March, Iron Man, Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay, and Scots Air Hornpipe

Actual Medley: Green Hills of Tyrol, When the Battle’s Over, Scotland the Brave, and Wings

Friend’s MSR: Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque, Highland Harry, and Bessie McIntyre