Yay! I’ve got a way to sell stuff!

So, here’s the scoop. The trading post on the forums of bobdunsire.com work really well. The only trick is, sometimes someone will sound genuinely interested in buying something and then you never hear from them again. I try to be nice and tell anyone who inquires after that person that they’re next in line after I hear back from the original person. Well, more often than not you don’t hear back from anyone. So, to get around that, I spent a couple days writing a butt load of php spread across a few scripts and opened a for sale section on my website. Transactions are handled with PayPal and as soon as something is bought, PayPal sends my scripts some data that they then process and remove the item from the for sale page. The only catch is if two people try to purchase an item around the same time. If someone clicks “Buy Now”, the for sale page will state that someone has clicked on the Buy Now button and how long ago they clicked on it, but that the transaction hasn’t finished yet. The notification disappears after 20 minutes as I’ve assumed the person changed their mind. The notification states that it’s probably safe to proceed with the purchase after a delay of 5 minutes as they’ve probably changed their mind, but to refresh the store page right before finalizing the purchase to make sure that item still shows up on the store page and hasn’t been bought while you were filling out the PayPal “paperwork”. Check it out!

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