Prototypes and Diddly Tunes

It’s been about 2.5 weeks since I played last due to a head cold. What that has allowed is some prototype products to arrive at my door. One is a gorgeous blackwood chanter and the other is a set of drone reeds. The last prototypical product is a Shawn Husk chanter reed, but he’s selling those now; but I got this one free and before he opened up shop so it still counts! The other two will remain unidentified as their products are still in development and are not currently for sale. I’m playing my Gellaitry drones with the prototype chanter and Husk reed in every file, what changes is the drone reeds, tune selection, and crapy-ness of playing. These are kitchen piping tunes!

Kinnaird Drone Reeds – Polkas – I don’t know the names of these, Ger the Rigger might be one of them (the first?)

Kinnaird Bass Reed & Prototype Tenor Reeds – Reels – Swallow’s Tail, Gravel Walk, Sleepy Maggie major, Sleepy Maggie minor, Dick Gossip’s, Dancing Feet

Prototype Drone Reeds – Jigs – Scarce o’ Tatties, Queen of the Rushes, Fraher’s Jig, Rocking the Baby, Glasgow Police Pipers, Kesh jig

10 thoughts on “Prototypes and Diddly Tunes

  1. Hey Patrick, my mother was a McLaurin. My son is a bagpiper. I would like to buy a bag cover in the McLaurin tarten. any ideas?

  2. Hmmmm… I have a recommendation. I’d say truefit bagpipe bag covers could do it for you. If it’s the actuall logo/embroidery that you want on it, I’m going to be of no help.

  3. The prototyp drone reeds have imho a deeper and strong sound. Sounds more like the cane drone reeds i´ve testet. Like it very much. I´m anxious to know, wich manufacturer is all behind this. :-)
    Best regards..Lars

  4. Lars, I am resurrecting my old Spitfire drone reeds.
    The new body is machined of black Acetal rather than the maple, which was a failure. I have revised my cane processing which now seals the tongues from moisture completely. I worried that because the new tongues no longer behaved like cane, they would not sound like cane but your comment above was very encouraging. It’s a work in progess, but I think I’m getting there.

  5. As they’re not currently in commercial production, I’ve left the names of the prototype manufacturers out. If the maker of the chanter wants me to post his name, I will. Or he can leave a note here as Terry did with his drone reeds.

    There’s your first hint, it’s a “he”.

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