The Kron Medalist

Well, my solo reed is about done. Any squirreliness you’ve noticed in the last couple posts where I mention its use can be solely attributed to its lackluster performance. I’ll have to try that mandrel trick again and see if that helps. But, I used it one last time for this post on the Kron Medalist chanter. In my past attempts at recording this chanter (well, it was a different one that I ended up recording with a McLaren synthetic reed) I could never get past flat C and F. This is probably because the reeds I was trying weren’t completely broken in, but they did go fine in other chanters. So I figured, can’t get any more broken in than this reed so plop it in there and away we go. The first track was meant to exhibit the very awesome high A, except it went sharp about 20 seconds in so you’ll have to catch a glimpse from the latter two recordings, Song for Winter being a good one, F too, and B, good chanter. Me likes. As it stands, the first recording is just an example of how inconsistent my grips are, one day I’ll get that tune down. Pipes are the Gellaitry’s again.

PM George Allan (Donald MacLeod) and Braes of Melinish

Song for Winter and Maggie’s Pancakes (Stuart Morrison – fiddler with Tannahill Weavers)

Herringwife and Donella Beaton (George Johnstone)

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  1. Hello Patrick, this is The Piping Nut. I wanted to thank you for putting my blog on your links list here, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting some traffic from your site. I haven’t paid sufficient attention to what other bloggers have been doing in our field, and it was a great discovery to find so many important sites listed in one place (not that I feel mine really deserves to be up there!). I’m grinding my way through a long, slow reboot of my blog and I’ll try to return the favour when the new site eventually goes up.

    I’ve enjoyed watching/listening to your recordings, I’ve never heard of your pipe/chanter/reed combination before. Keep up the good work!

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