I have no idea why everyone doesn’t play Kinnaird drone reeds.

Super short post today. As you know, I play nothing but a full Kinnaird setup in my Gellaitry pipes and they sounding uhmayzin (that’s some west texas drawl fer ya). I done figured I’d put them in my MacPherson pipes and see how they went. The answer: fantastic. So, why don’t you play Kinnaird drone reeds? I just ordered me some from Gord at islandbagpipe.com so I could play a set in both pipes without swapping out. The one recording below is of a tune I wrote followed by one I didn’t played on the MacPherson pipes with Kinnaird drone reeds, accompanied by a Colin Kyo laminate chanter with a Shawn Husk chanter reed that has had its middle carved away as it was a bit too hard. Sorry about the E being a little out and that squawk in the middle.

Marcus McLaurin of the 772nd Tank Battalion, WWII (Patrick McLaurin) and Spanner in the Works (Hamish Moore, I’m told)

9 thoughts on “I have no idea why everyone doesn’t play Kinnaird drone reeds.

  1. Patrick,
    Sounds great man. You are getting a really nice tone with that set up that’s for sure. I think your clips have convinced me to go back to the Colin Kyo again. Can’t seem to get used to the hole spacing on the Naill. Ill have to check out Kinnaird for the MacPherson’s! Your blog saves me a lot of money ha

  2. Well, I don’t know about saving you a lot of money then! I’ve got a set of the low pitch bass Kinnaird’s coming in the mail so I’ll let you know how that goes. These are the Kinnaird’s from my Gellaitry’s and the bass is kinda long on the MacPherson’s with them and about 60% I get a double tone from the bass on strike-in so I think the low-pitch bass will help a lot with that.

    I’ve also got 4 CK chanters right now (among other brands) but only 3 pipes. One is a laminate I might consider parting with if you’re interested.

  3. Well since I get to hear how the reeds sound in your drones it saves me from buying the set just to hear what they sound like, That can be quite frustrating,

    At any rate, I am interested I am going to throw the Naill on the forum to see what I can get for it. The only reason I was hesitant with the Kyo was the pitch. Let me know, if you are willing, what you would part with it for!

  4. Hello Patrick,
    totally agree with you! Went back to my Kinnairds after testing a lot of drone reeds. Since Rob send me new tounges (some stronger one), i´ve no problems at all. They sound best in my Gellaitry´s, are rock steady and trouble free at all! From my experience with drone reed testing, i would say cane have still the best tone (but are to fussy for me), the best synthetic reed in the Gellaitry´s are still the Kinnairds and the second place goes to Cannings. Will stay with the Kinnairds and don´t test any other reeds anymore, maybe i´ll give the Acklands a shoot, if Terry decided to appear them once.


    Did you have a Naill blackwood chanter? If so, i am interested to buy it. Myself i play a Naill poly solo from 2011 and i´m happy with it, but would like to get a blackwood one. Maybe we can make a deal. ;-)

    All the Best from Germany,

  5. Hey Lars
    You can get a hold of me on dunsire forum and we can talk there.I have a for sale thread right now just PM me. Just so we dont keep messaging back and forth on his blog haha

  6. Lars! Glad to hear the Kinnaird’s are working out for you. Yay! I think if the tenors were maybe a bit smoother on the Kinnaird’s they’d be a very popular reed, but as it stands I can’t get a better tone out of anything else!

  7. I’m getting a set of Kinnairds in the mail, regular pitched. I have tried a friends, and they sound pretty good in my Dunbars. I’ll have mor time with that type of reed when I get them, but they sounded pretty good at that moment, just a bit more adjustments would have probably done it. Lovely reeds.

  8. Patrick, as usual you are schooling me (and thanks by the way). I’ve had a hard time with Kinnaird reeds. As you know I have a lot of confidence in EZs but I like the deep sound of the Kinnairds. However, I’ll put the Kinnairds in strike in a couple of times no problem. Put them down and I won’t be able to stike in again at all. The K-valves seem to help, but only to a degree. I can handle the Canning reeds but they seem to be difficult to strike in at times too. The only reed that I trust to strike in each and every time is the EZ Droines. Any suggestion? Kinnaird Easy?

  9. What happens when they don’t strike in? Do they howl or do they shut off? I’ve just received a brand new set of Kinnaird’s so I’ll see how I get on with them. I bought my current set used several years ago and have never had any trouble though I’ve heard of people having difficulties. This will be my first experience with them from scratch so we’ll see!

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