Just needed to play the solo competition tunes.

Title says it all, and the recordings will make it obvious why, lots of mistakes and sloppy fingering. Played ’em straight through, they’re presented in order. Took out the Naill spec Rockets and put the Canning tenors in so I’m all Canning in the 1950’s Henderson’s (polycarbonate bass <- I love this reed, thanks again Gord!). Husk reed and the loveliest Colin Kyo chanter I’ve had my hands on. Of my 3 blackwood (2 obtained aftermarket, as it were, this one being one of those 2) it is simply brilliant. When I die, I’ll be sad to let this chanter go. L&M bag and a Gibson split stock water trap. Things sharpened up a bit at first but then flattened out just wee bit for the last couple sets. That’s all I got, here are the recordings.

1-Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque, Highland Harry, Bessie McIntyre, PM George Allan, Eileen MacDonald

2-Scotland the Brave, Wings, Lord Lovat’s Lament, Murdo’s Wedding, Rowan Tree

3-Alan MacPherson of Mosspark, Troy’s Wedding, Clumsy Lover, Glasgow Police Pipers

4-Miss Proud, Locheil’s Away to France, Charlie’s Welcome, Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree, Rejected Suitor

5-Ewe with the Crooked Horn, Inverary Castle, Dora MacLeod, Shepherd’s Crook, Susan MacLeod

6-Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban, Major Manson’s Farewell to Clachantrushal (had a little oopsie at the end of the last tune so I had to cut it here and rerecord it below, Kantara…)

7-74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh, Kantara to el Arish

Okay, so they weren’t all competition tunes.

3 thoughts on “Just needed to play the solo competition tunes.

  1. Lovely!
    “lots of mistakes and sloppy fingering”…I wish , i could play just 10% as good as you. ;-) ^^
    Really awesome to hear to your playing. Personally i like set 2 & 3.
    I´m wondering, that you´ve changed to “plastic tounges”. Wasn´t it you, who don´t like the sound of them? :-p ^^
    Anyway very pleasure sound of the drones. I´m too changed from Kinnairds in the Gellaitry to Ezee´s, so now my pipe is more air efficience and have a much more mellow sound, wich i´m very pleased with. The Kinnairds have a much more “harder” sound (don´t know how to descripe it and find a word for it^^). The Canning´s, wich sound i prefer over the ezee´s won´t work as i would like in the Gellaitry´s. Had the problems with “wha-wha” sound for unsteady pressure reason, the ezee´s (and the Kinnairds too) are more forgiven to a greenhorn like me. :-)
    The Canning´s are now in my 1975 Hardie, where i wondrously don´t have the pressure effect. Whatever…they work fine and give a great full sound in the Hardies.
    Greetings from Germany Lars

  2. Very good sound, Patrick. I liked them better in the hendersons though. Oh, and I didn’t here any candy! That’d have been cute.

  3. Lars, I agree with you for the most part. The Canning’s do mellow them out a bit. I still prefer the Kinnaird’s in both, but will definitely be moving them into the Hende’s as the match of Naill spec Rockets with Canning bass wasn’t perfect, but all Canning gives a more unified sound, so I agree with Austin there. The pressure effect, real I think! Some pipes just don’t work with some reeds and one of the biggest indicators is that strange pressure thing. Thanks for listening guys!

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