Gellaitrys + Selbies & a Piobaireachd

So, had to break out the Gellaitry’s again after the cosmetic refurb of a new bag cover and cords, as seen above. Figured I’d give the Selbie’s that were sounding so good in the Jeffers pipe a go so I did, and the first sets are of that combo. It was okay for light music, but they’re definitely showing their age. By the time I got to my attempt at a Piobaireachd, I couldn’t get through the ground without the tuning changing. I think I started playing these Selbie’s in 2002 and pretty solidly through 2008ish, and then off and on again. They got a little mold on them and stuff. :o) The bridles slide very easily so I’m just not sure they’re tight enough to keep everything in tune. So, in frustration, I threw the Kinnairds back in and had, you guessed it, no trouble.

Gellaitry’s with old Selbie’s:

Mrs. Lily Christie (band 6/8)

Newmarket House & Hen’s March (last year’s HJ)

The Mermaid, Gravel Walk, Spanner in the Works, & High Road to Linton

Big Yin, Kitty lie over, & Drops of Brandy (The Tully Tribute set)

Gellaitry’s with Kinnaird:

Too Long in this Condition (So yeah, I got to the end and wasn’t sure how to sight read the a mach until it was too late. Not too bad considering it was my 3rd Piobaireachd in like a year, and that I play a different one every time. Some day they won’t bore the crap out of me.)

5 thoughts on “Gellaitrys + Selbies & a Piobaireachd

  1. Patrick, how do you get such great tone out of that Kyo? I need mine to sound like that to match my dunbars with there Kinnairds. Is that the Gilmoure chanter reed or the husk? I’ve noticed that your other Colin Kyo sounds a little different from this one, the one on your Hendersons…



  2. Thanks Matt, it really is a good tone. I wish it were slightly less buzzy, I think, so I might be trying something else soon, Canning with a polycarb bass maybe?

    Austin, it’s a Gilmour reed in the Kyo, left over from ages ago. Was my band reed for a while. Now it has softened up a bit so it is my solo reed. Has great resistance which I’m afraid I removed when modifying the Husk in the Henderson Kyo to get it down to my strength. This Gilmour has a corner missing along with a few other cosmetic defects. But it plays pretty well!

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