Glencoe Bagpipes and my Hughes smallpipes

I recorded a last few sets on the Glencoe bagpipe before I let my student borrow them again a couple weeks ago but never got around to uploading them. There is a drone stability issue that I can’t get past so for now they’ll be in use as a training pipe until I can get that sorted because they have huge potential.

First up we’ve got a 74th’s set:

74th’s Slow March and 74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh

Then the Dark Island (from memory, hope I got it right!) followed by a good jig.

Dark Island and Thief of Lochaber

Last on the Glencoe’s is last year’s hornpipe/jig.

Newmarket House and Hen’s March

Last, but not least, we’ve got a set of jigs on my A smallpipes, made by Ray Hughes. Enjoy!

Scarce o’ Tatties, Queen of the Rushes, Fraher’s Jig, and Leisa McCord

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