RJM solo chanter, take 2

I was a little concerned about the D on the RJM solo chanter being flat from my initial set up of the chanter. A summary of that post has both new and broken in Husk and new Melvin reeds all giving a flat D such that I had to tape every other hole down (except high A) to match the tuning of the D. Both those reed makes being hybrid ridge cut or full ridge cut respectively, I figured I’d see if the flat D persisted into the realm of straight cut reeds. I found one of my old broken in Gilmour reeds from days past and lo and behold, I didn’t have to move a piece of tape; therefore, the D is still flat. So, I feel this particular chanter might could stand a little undercutting on D. Another RJM player has reported a perfectly fine D but another flat note, so looks like there’s a wee bit of variability. (EDIT November, 4 2012 – Roddy has reported that the flat D is unusual and would like to take a look at the chanter, you can see a pic of his personal chanter in the original post.)

I figured I was 2/3 the way to what I call the standard Gold Medalists set up, so I figured (we do a lot of that in West Texas) I’d go all in and so I have switched the bass drone reed in these Colin Kyo pipes from a low pitch Genesis Kinnaird to a Henderson Harmonic Deluxe. I prefer this combination as the bass isn’t quite as overbearing, so you get a really good blend. Since this is the combination a lot of upper echelon players use, I guess these CK pipes are a lot like all those classic Hendersons those guys play. If I recall correctly, Murray based his pipes off an old Henderson.

My fingers are still adjusting to the different chanter spacing from the Colin Kyo chanter, pardon the slips please. Mic is drones side, i.e. behind me.

Burden of Innocence and Happy Days – a tragic tune followed by a happy tune

Ewe wi the crooked horn and Rejected Suitor – still working on my strathspey phrasing, SWSW seems to work pretty well for the first part of Ewe, just need to figure out what works best for the other parts

Kantara to El Arish, Cowal Gathering, and Major Manson’s Farewell to Clachantrushal – gotta work on my 2/4s for the upcoming competition in Salado, TX

5 thoughts on “RJM solo chanter, take 2

  1. I have had an RJM blackwood chanter for 3 weeks now.
    The right reed seems pretty important with my chanter.
    Roddy specifically recommends certain reeds to be used in his chanter – the ones he mentioned to me are Troy and Chesney Warnock.
    I play Chesney Warnock reeds amongst others and so tried several in my RJM chanter. As long as I sink the reed right in to the reed seat, there are no problems with any flat notes. I just need a little tape on High G and E.
    Other reeds I have tried don’t go so well – various notes off pitch.
    But using Warnock Chesney reeds, I love the tone of the chanter and its easy playability. Goes beautifully with my MacLellan drones. Pitches right at 480Hz. Really lovely!
    Have you tried any of the reeds recommended by Roddy in your RJM chanter?

  2. That is a very nice sounding bagpipe. You might get the vibrato if you put a wee bit of tape on the HighA. You know you want to…. :)

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