Pre-Competition Recordings and Results

My one competition of the year was last weekend. The week prior I made recordings of probably sets I would play. They are below. My piob ended up being Flame (thank goodness!) and my march was Major Manson’s Farewell to Clachantrushal instead of the two below. 6/8 was Angus.

Comments from all 3 judges I played for (Bob Richardson, Ian K. MacDonald, and Patrick Regan) were very helpful. Patrick even listened to my Piobaireachd from the other side of the field and offered some helpful comments (hopefully not to the detriment of who might have been playing in front of him at the time). Crunluaths, Hiharins, and pointing in 6/8s at the end of parts and before big embellishments like taorluaths all need a little work.

I don’t have any recordings of the actual contest. I got 1st in MSR and 6/8, 2nd in HJ, and dead last in Piob (which is no surprise since I resumed playing Flame and learned Battle 1.5 weeks prior to the contest).

Angus MacKinnon and Leaving Port Askaig

Newmarket House and Rakes of Kildare

Rossshire Volunteers, Susan MacLeod, Lochiel’s Awa’ to France, and Miss Proud

Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque

Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick

Battle of the Pass of Crieff