G1 chanter review

This is a review of the G1 chanter. This chanter is not the higher pitched version, but the regular version. The chanter is plastic and was ordered with the accompanying reed protector and G1 platinum reed. I believe John Elliott (the maker) told me the spacing between the bottom of the D hole and the top of the low A hole is 75 mm, and on a Kyo it is 74 mm as measured by me. Granted the holes are slightly larger on the G1 chanter but my fingers don’t lie, it is a comfortable chanter to play. John has made a great pair of products. The G1 platinum chanter reed has great projection for it’s strength (I’m going with medium, I usually play at 32″ H2O and this is just slightly stouter than my solo reed strength preference). The reed also tunes very easily in the chanter. I have the tiniest bits of tape on a couple notes and a little tape on high G. That’s it; the internal tuning of the chanter is VERY good. His products match perfectly to each other. His reed and chanter combination provides a strong scale throughout with a strong high A. My only quibble is it tunes at 486.3 Hz in my 75F home. It’ll hit 490 Hz in nothing flat outside in the dry West Texas heat. I’m thinking about picking up a Bb version with the expectation that it would end up somewhere in the low 470s but I’d really like something in the high 470s. John was kind enough to provide a picture of the regular and Bb versions next to each other and they really aren’t all that different. He states the holes are slightly smaller and farther apart on the Bb to attain the alternate pitch, along with internal modifications. The spread isn’t that much greater but the desire to play that flat doesn’t exist so I’m not sure I’ll spring for it just yet. So he’s got a 466 and a 486 chanter, I’d love to see a 476 chanter. The proof is in the pudding so take a listen to the audio down below. This chanter is louder than any other I’ve recorded, so pay attention to your speaker/headphone volume.

Scales and Scotland the Brave – Beware!!! First scale is facing the mic, second scale facing away, first STB facing away, second STB facing the mic again. Big volume changes!!! This reed and chanter combo is loud.

Mark Sheridan and Angus MacKenzie of Dumbarton – facing the mic

My Band’s New Medley – facing the mic

My Band’s Old Medley – facing away from the mic

My Band’s 4/4 March Medley – facing away from the mic

My Band’s 6/8 March Set – walking back and forth perpendicular to the mic.

The pipes played are my Colin Kyo bagpipe with Ezee tenors and short inverted Ezee bass. Maybe I need to get my another set of Evolution Kinnairds to match the chanter/reed volume better (this is a solo setup). I find it no coincidence that John sells “Evo’ Kinnairds” from his online shop along side his G1 chanter and platinum reeds.

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  1. Hi Patrick, thanks for another thorough review! What is the title of the first 6/8 tune you play in your band set?

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