Ebony Robertsons, again!

I once again have a (different) set of Robertsons on loan to me. Casein ringcaps and bushes, nickel ferrules with scribe lines around the center, ebony pipes with, I guess, ebony black casein projecting mounts. They are beautiful pipes, the casein, if that’s what it is, hasn’t gone all chalky and ugly.

First up in what will probably be a series of posts, some old Canning drone reeds I had laying around. It’s a very bass dominant sound at the moment. What is striking is that the bass tunes quite low relative to all other Robertsons I’ve played. But, these reeds have been around a while so who knows.

Cowal Gathering, Inveraray Castle, Lochiels Awa to France – facing mic

Donald MacLeod and Rakes of Kildare – facing away from mic

Echo Lake, Highland Harry, Bessie McIntyre, Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree – facing mic

Tenor tuning chambers are .02″ shy, consistently, of what I have on record for nominal Robertson, but otherwise all bores are what you’d expect to see. I’d be keen to spice up the tenors a bit so some Kinnaird will be next to try, Selbie may be a good bet as well. I also closed down the bridles a bit on these Cannings, perhaps I should just open them up a tad to regain some volume.

On a whole other topic, Austin, a subscriber, sent in some interesting audio files of his two Sinclair bagpipes, one from the 50’s and the other from the 70’s. Both played with exactly the same setup (Ezee tenors and original Kinnaird bass). Interesting the different sounds emitted from the same maker, just different time periods.

50’s sinclair_Ezeedrone tennors_Kinnaird bass

70’s Sinclair_Ezeedrone tennors_Kinnaird bass

3 thoughts on “Ebony Robertsons, again!

  1. Very very nice Patrick. Gotta listen again when no one in my office. Ha.

    The mounts are black casein. Pretty huh?


  2. Tenors sound very very bright. I love the sound coming off them. How stable are the duotones? The drones sound rock steady to me.

    David NY

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