Chris Terry drones with Colin Kyo chanter (481 Hz)

Yesterday’s post had me playing Chris Terry drones with a Bb Campbell Tunable pipe chanter. Today I offer the same drones, and Rocket drone reeds, coupled with my band Colin Kyo chanter. The mic caught a bit too much of the bass (when will I ever learn?).

The first set starts with the tune to a song called Caledonia written by Dougie MacLean. As far as I know, it’s a song about missing Scotland and being ready to do anything to return home. It seems to be a good tune on the pipes. It’s been requested of me a few times and I finally got around to it. Coupled with that is a hornpipe by Kevin Gerard who posted his composition on the Facebook group, “Bagpipe Compositions“. The other two sets are the HJ and MSR I got 1st and 3rd, respectively, in grade 2 at last weekend’s competition down in Salado, TX.

Caledonia, Fork Tailed Devil (Kevin Gerard)

Donald MacLeod and Hen’s March

Major Manson’s Farewell to Clachantrushal, Highland Harry, Bessie McIntyre