Double Chanter

So, I ran across this website and it has a pipe with two chanters. I thought that was awesome. Then I was telling my dad how cool it was and he said, well, you could do that with your smallpipes. I was like, DUH! My smallpipes used to be bellows blown, but are now mouth blown, so I just stick another chanter in the old bellows stock. Here’s a couple tunes in video (quicktime format). I taped the top hand of the 2nd chanter.

Kalabakan – Both hands on one chanter then each hand on its own chanter. Just played the tune straight through leaving each hand where it would be were I only playing one chanter.

Kalabakan video

Kalabakan on YouTube

Sleep Dearie Sleep – Each hand on its own chanter. Tried to do some harmony.

Sleep Dearie Sleep video

Sleep Dearie Sleep on YouTube

The volumes of chanters and drones aren’t matched real well, but hey, it works! I had to use a rubber coaster on my leg to keep the top hand chanter from flying off when playing high G/A.

The pipes were made by Ray Hughes.