September 2018 Tune of the Month: An Londubh (The Blackbird)

I’ve been listening to Mick O’Brien & Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh’s album “Kitty Lie Over” for quite some time, primarily for the title track. However, the tune (and track) An Londubh (played as a hornpipe and reel on the album) stuck out as one that would definitely fit on the highland pipes (they play it on uilleann pipes and fiddle). Here it is on YouTube:

A gander over at the sheet music on reveals that even after transposition from D major (because it falls below our scale) up to A major (and turning all resulting G# into G naturals), the tune has a second part that then goes above our scale. But never mind that, as it’s not too tricky to rewrite something passable and that’s just what I’ve done. You can too if you don’t like what I’ve got.

An Londubh (The Blackbird) – Sheet music

I’ve also got a slightly less modified version for those playing in G major but still limited to the highland scale:

Sheet music for this version can be found in the “G major chanter” tune book found here.

2 thoughts on “September 2018 Tune of the Month: An Londubh (The Blackbird)

  1. My wife and I play duets (shuttle pipes in A and piano) in seniors programs. Tunes from both of my pipe bands aren’t always useful for that purpose and she spends a lot of time rewriting music for me. Thank you for your work on tunes like blackbird.
    Since I live in a rural setting, I cant easily travel to more challenging bands. Your tunes help keep me challenged while still contributing to my bands, sometimes in a teaching/workshop setting. Ive also used many of your website concepts effectively when teaching..thanks for all your hard work. Much appreciated

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