April 2019 Tune of the Month – The Wild Irishman

Just a tune I found scouring thesession.org and recognized from some highland pipe recording; the ending of the first part is rather distinctive. It is embellished rather simply, preferring half doublings over full doublings, especially for smallpipes (trying to minimize use of the piercing high G grace note). This tune is one that can be played in Irish sessions as it is already in the correct key signature for smallpipes in “A”. I have taken 2 versions of the tune that fit the range of the smallpipes from thesession.org and simply added highland bagpipe embellishments. Along these lines, I have created a new page on the blog cataloging the tunes I’m aware of that (mostly) fit the A smallpipe scale and can be played at Irish sessions, borrowing from the Irish session repertoire. The tunes that I don’t risk violating copyright are located in a Free Tune Book. Please let me know if you are aware of any other tunes that need to be in the list and/or in the tune book, it’s a group effort!

Tunes for Irish Session Playing (and other lists of specialized tunes) <- link

The Wild Irishman <- pdf