February 2020 Tune of the Month: Clachnaharry

I was looking for a new competition strathspey for a grade 3 player and found Clachnaharry in The Cabar Feidh Collection, Pipe Music Of The Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforth And Camerons) page 162 by PM Jack Chisholm. It’s undoubtedly under copyright so I cannot share the music with you but I would seek out the book as it is a good resource. The tune has no birls, though a plethora of taorluaths will keep you well practiced, though none are cumbersome: A to A and B to B.

Clachnaharry – played slower

Clachnaharry – played faster

The Doune of Invernochty and Highland Harry are two other competition strathspeys I’ve recommended for either their ease of technique or ease of finding the strathspey rhythm, respectively.