Gellaitry with Sinclair chanter – Closet

Kids are sleeping and I’m in my walk-in closet with my Gellaitry pipes and my poly Sinclair chanter I just got back from being borrowed. Stick a MacLellan reed in there with Kinnaird drone reeds, tune them up and just play, with a Zoom H2 sitting on a box a few inches off the carpeted floor. by the closed door. Here’s a set, a waltz I ripped off EJ Jones I don’t know the name of (can be heard on this Clandestine album) and the Swallow’s Tail:

MP3 file

I’m going around in circles, well more like rotating, so the chanter drone balance will change as the set progresses. Yeah, I suck at playing birls, and blowing steady, among many other things. Note to self, don’t face recorder when playing in closet: be ready to lower the volume a bit when I rotate around to face the recorder.

This is definitely my new solo pipe. I was in heaven, well as close as a washed up player like me could be, anyway…