New Recordings 7-28-09

1950’s Hendersons – Selbie drone reeds – Colin Kyo delrin chanter – heavily carved Apps G3 chanter reed

I’m slowly regaining control of my E grace note! Yea! Be patient, each recording is unmodified from the recorder at 160 KB/s using mp3, there are a couple seconds before I strike in after I press record.

Kantara to El Arish, Inverary Castle, Lexy MacAskill

Major Manson of Clachantrushal, Cowal Gathering, 74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh

Ewe with the Crooked Horn, Rejected Suitor

Sweet Maid of Mull, Cock of the North, Bruce Gandy’s Farewell to the Iron Horse

Braes of Mellinish, Eileen MacDonald, Hen’s March, Alan MacPherson of Mosspark