Bagad chanter tuning trial

I managed to get my regular drone setup tuned to the B on my MacLellan A440 chanter and the baritone drone tuned to an E, using a Wygent double tongued bass reed plugged into a Dunbar bass drone reed seat extender. The A440 chanter is a little wonky to reed anyway, more so when you have to tape off most of the tone holes at the bottom of the chanter to get a low F# instead of low G. Needless to say, I only got 3 (maybe 4) notes in tune: B, E, F# and sort of low F#. All the other notes are, well, I couldn’t really tell if they were out of tune or in tune. D is WAY out of tune and the low A was doing very funky things. Anyways, if you’re interested, here’s a scale:


And here is some non-music I made up trying to only play mostly the in tune notes, F#, E, and B. Take note, those aren’t low A’s, they’re B’s! The drones are tuned to B, not A, except of course the baritone tuned to E.


Below is the tuning if you wanted to tune your B to about 532/533 with normal tuning for the other notes. Next to it (after the hyphen) is the tuning with the B tuned to the same frequency as the regular tuning, but the frequency of the other notes comes from a recording of a soloist employing the Bagad band B chanter tuning (drones tuned to the B, not A – like I tried to do in the above 2 recordings). The accuracy of the other notes with the B chanter tuning is within the ability of Audacityto provide the right frequency.

low G – 413 Hz – 402 Hz

low A – 473 – 478

B – 532 – 533

C – 591 – 597

D – 630 – 634

E – 709 – 712

F – 788 – 801

high G – 828 – 828

high A – 946 – NA

Any info on how to tune the chanter with the drones tuned to B would be greatly appreciated!