Gellaitry with Colin Kyo, Naill, and Kron chanters

The playing isn’t that great because this was the 3rd time I’ve practiced in a month, and it was pretty sparse before that; oh well. Drone reeds are Kinnaird bass, Colin Kyo tenors in Tim Gellaitry pipes. All chanter reeds were Gilmour unless stated otherwise. I can no longer play a birl, so that’s nice. E grace note is slowly making a comeback, finally. Also, no one else was home so I got to play in a bigger room. The Zoom H2 was placed on top of a free standing bookcase.

The reed in the african blackwood Colin Kyo is new, so it’s crowing a bit on high A.

Calista Anne McLaurin (waltz) and the Swallow’s Tail (reel)

Alan MacPherson of Mosspark (jig)

My friend’s Naill ca. 2000 was setup a long time ago with a Caldwell reed I’ve had forever.

David Crosbie Miller, Battle of Waterloo, and 51st Highland Division

Calista Anne McLaurin, Iron Man, Congress Reel, Gravel Walk, Bush Reel (I think) <– This one kind of sucks, you can tell from the amplified ending.

This is a poly Kron, #219, so it is one of the original Kron poly chanters before the modification around #600 which apparently fixes a potential flat F# (of which this one obtained used has the F carved). I like this chanter! I wish my newer one fit in the stock! I’ll have to save up some dough and go bug Tim. :o) The E is just tad sharp, oops.

Sweet Maid of Mull and Farewell to the Creeks

The reed in the Kron was brand new too, so here’s what setting up a new reed looks like: