Ezeedrone Tenors and Henderson Deluxe Bass combo plus Colin Kyo to the max!

In order of recording, we’re going to first feature a set of Colin Kyo bagpipes set up with Ezeedrone tenors and a Henderson Deluxe bass. They were previously setup with Canning tenors but some felt the harmonics a bit too much so I figured I’d drop Canning’s cousin Ezeedrone in there to see, or hear rather, if I could tone it down a bit. A bit of background first however. The Ezeedrone tenor and Henderson Deluxe bass is a very popular combination. Many high level pipers use Ezeedrone tenors and a fair fraction, as indicated by pipesdrums.com survey also play the Henderson Deluxe bass. As a specific example, the McCallum bagpipes played by Angus MacColl on the Route 66 tour which were subsequently raffled and won by a young man up in Amarillo, TX came with Ezeedrone tenors and a Henderson Deluxe bass, if my memory serves me correctly. I understand the pipes came as they were played on the tour, chanter reed and all. So, this is also a test of a seemingly very standard setup amongst the big guns. I also try this setup in my Gellaitry’s near the bottom, per request. Also on request we’ll have this same set of Colin Kyo pipes setup with Colin Kyo drone reeds for a full set of CK pipes, except the chanter reed (Husk). The first slow tune of each combination is played in 4 different orientations to the microphone corresponding to the parts of the tune, that is 1) drones facing mic straight on 1st part 2) mic on left of me next to tenors 1st part repeat 3) chanter facing mic 2nd part 4) mic on my right (bass drone side) 2nd part repeat.

Colin Kyo bagpipes with Ezeedrone tenor drone reeds and Henderson Deluxe bass drone reed

Gallawa Hills and Inspector Donald Campbell (Ness)

Spice of Life, Old Chanter, Leisa McCord (workin’ on those edres)

Colin Kyo bagpipes with Colin Kyo drone reeds

74th’s Slow March and Angus MacKinnon

Kantara to El Arish (whew that was rough, stupid E grace notes), Highland Harry, Miss Proud, Newmarket House, Thief of Lochaber

Gellaitry bagpipes with Ezeedrone tenor drone reeds and Henderson Deluxe bass drone reed

Kate Martin’s Waltz, Calista Anne McLaurin, the Quaker

Wee Michael’s March and Mason’s Apron (forgot which tune was next, also tired, sorry about blowing flat at first)

Edit: 6:17 pm CDT 6-13-2013

Here is a picture of the drone reeds Angus apparently played during the Route 66 tour. I did remember correctly!

7 thoughts on “Ezeedrone Tenors and Henderson Deluxe Bass combo plus Colin Kyo to the max!

  1. Dang Patrick…nice set up!!

    I think that was one of your best recordings. Locked in and chanter sounded great. Very, very well tuned..

    Keep Calm and Pipe On..

    David NY

  2. Haha, well, the jig I’m still working on. I’ve had this reed in this chanter for quite some time so the tuning is really starting to come together. It takes time!

  3. Wow, extremely nice sound! I personally think the Ezeedrones sound better than your Kinnaird tennors. I’m sure if you used Ezeedrone tennors with a Kinnaird bass, your pipes would sound amazing. They especially sounded good in the Gellaitry’s, which have a very blended, resonant tone, where as in the Kyo’s, they have a much mor booming presence to them. These were infact some of your best recordings.

    Keep it up!


  4. Patrick you´re the best! Thank you for fulfilling my request.
    It is like i´d suspected, the sound is great and this will be my future synthetik setup for the Gellaitry. Like you´ve mentioned, the new Kinnaird Evolution are not the taste of mine. Way too much in the Gellaitry.

    I´m actually working on whole cane reed setup. I´ve found some Roddick cane drone reeds in my cupboard and decided, to give cane drone reeds a last go, Lucky me, that i did it!

    They went with little effort and now i´m breaking them in. As i´ve read in Shawn Husk cane reed instructions “Nothing sounds like cane, and nothing ever will!”. Yepp Shawn, you´re absolutly right. After playing them for about 10 Minutes, they are steady and give a full and smooth sound, but you´ve to play them everyday. Ok, no problem, as i´m a learner i practice as often i can (nearly every day).

    So let´s see, we´re the journey will end. If i´ll get happy with the cane reeds, i´ll stay with them, otherwise i´ve found my sythetic setup. Henderson harmonic deluxe bass with Ezee tenors. :-)

    Again let me thank you, for taking the time and your brilliant work!

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